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Exciting news! We have done great progress on Pilot Atlas Mobile. It will be an completely new app customized for the iPhone. With all the great features of the Pilot Atlas for the iPad but with the great benefits of the compact size of an iPhone.
We are still in the beginning stages of the project but if you have any ideas or features you would like us to add. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Pilot Atlas V1.2 avalible for download

Big update with a completely new map design from natural earth for lower zoom levels and many new features!

The new map is a Cross-blended Hypsometric Tints
Cross-blended hypsometric tints as described by Natural Earth use modified elevation colors for regions that people presumably associate with the natural environment. The Sahara is dusty brown, northern Russia is boreal forest green, the Mekong delta is jungle green, and Antarctica is icy blue-grey. As in nature, the map colors gradually blend into one another across regions (x and y axis) and from lowlands to highlands (z axis), hence the name cross-blended hypsometric tints.

In addition the new version includes:
* You can now draw and save your own routes.
* Ability to download weather from NOAA (Requires internet connection)
* Unit converter for fast conversion between units
* You can now enter coordinates in the quick search
* New help menu
* Database update
* Various design improvements and bug fixes



Pilot Atlas V1.1 avalible for download new futures includes:

- Line drawn on map is now a Great Circle Line.
- Fixed a bug were the line would be drawn incorrectly and take a longer path.
- Added waypoints on map.
- Now supports iOS 5.1.1.
- New search to improve search speed.
- Minor user improvements.
- New button design.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Database update.



Landing Distance is now avalible on iTunes. Currently has performance calculations for the 737-800.


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